Lil’s Cafe

After my hike I went to Kittery to grab some food before heading back home. I stopped at Lil’s Cafe. I got the pesto mozzarella with tomato on the olive sourdough. Very good and filling! I had wanted to try one of their donuts too. It was light with a good sugar coating. I thought it was interesting how they sell reusable straws to prevent waste and do recycling and composting when you throw out your trash. I need to remember to bring one of my reusable straws with me.


Take a Hike!

Today I checked out Mount Agamenticus in York, Maine. I drove up to the summit then hiked down then back up the summit. Probably should have planned that better but it was my first time there and was quite a workout. Weather was cool but that was fine since I was moving the whole time. I highlighted on the trail map where I went.


Today after two hours of yard work and a shower I wanted something good and yummy. I found that at Mami in Portland. This place has been on my list for awhile. I found parking right out front so no excuses not to go. I got the big Mami burger which has a bun made with squid ink. I really liked how they seasoned the meat and it was really tasty. The bun didn’t have any fishy taste in case you were wondering. I got the cucumber salad with it which was a veggie to get to balance out the meal with it’s cool and tangy taste. I liked the seating and would like to go back to try more from the menu. It’s cool to see how this place has expanded from a food truck.

After my meal with time left on the meter I walked down to Commercial to get some ice cream from Captain Sam’s. I had wanted to see what they offered. I tried the Tim’s Terrific treats peanut butter with peanut butter cups and Oreos. So good!

Holy Crêpe Part 2

I ended up in the mood for crêpes again and this time I went to Portland to finally get to go to Sip of Europe. They have sweet and savory crêpes along with coffee drinks. I went with the Italian fiesta with turkey which was a good lunch. Iced coffee was good too. I like a place I can just sit and relax and enjoy my meal. I’d like to come back when I’m in the mood for something sweet.