Winter is still here. I was home for days and on my day off I feel like I need to leave the house.

Today I went to The Honey Paw for lunch that has been on my list of places to visit since I had heard of it. I went with the ramen which came out in a huge bowl. The broth was yummy and not too spicy. I wish I had eaten the egg first because it got very soft towards the end. The mix of ramen with corn and mushrooms was a good combination. I couldn’t leave without trying the soft serve. I got the caramelized honey with honeycombs and chocolate shell.

After lunch I went to the Maine Historical Society which I’ve never been inside before. I checked out the Maine Eats exhibit. I actually learned a few new things about my home state.

Before I went home I grabbed dinner at Bogusha’s Polish deli and restaurant in Portland on Stevens avenue. I got the polish platter to go to try a few things. It was like comfort food and delicious. The deli made me feel transported to Poland with the small town feel, polish news on the tv and unique groceries like kinder chocolate. The woman making my order had an accent and was pleasant. It’s highly likely I’d go try more off the menu.



I had plans to check out an exhibit on Monday but oops winter hours it wasn’t open. Oh well. Next time. Instead I decided to get some walking in and check out a few places I’ve never been. It’s like I’m looking for my favorites and conquering my fear of new places.

My first stop was at Slab. I heard they had good pizza and yes it was delicious. The sauce wasn’t heavy and the dough was chewy. They even had blue cheese to dip it in. I tend to be a ranch fan but that was good. It was interesting to see the space where the Portland public market used to be years ago. I’d like to go back to Slab and try the muffuletta sandwich.

I took a walk after pizza time and got myself a cold brew from Arabica Coffee Co. I’ve probably walked by this a million times but have never stopped in. The coffee was good and the place looked like a nice place to chill.

After walking around Portland I went to Tony’s Donut Shop. I feel like there are too many places I’ve passed by that I have never stopped at. I got the chocolate glazed. It tasted good like it was freshly baked and I was surprised at the selection available in the afternoon like they bake extra to meet demand. If you are craving donuts it would be a good place to stop to get your fill.

I decided to walk off my donut at Mackworth Island in Falmouth. It’s one my favorite loop trails. I was so happy the snow had melted off the trail. Despite the wind it was a good walk listening to the Ologies podcast.


Today was my day off and I actually was up early. Being up early meant I could go out and explore. My first stop was in South Portland at the Toast Bar by the Scratch Baking Co.

I tried the I love Toast which is a spinach and artichoke heart bake. So yummy. The place is cute inside and I would check it out again to try more.

After that I was close by another place on my list so I decided to go over to Cape Elizabeth to stop by The Cookie Jar. The donuts looked amazing. Everything in the display cases looked good. I tried the Boston cream.

At lunchtime I went to Portland to grab sometime to eat when I got home. I had seen the spicy ramen on instagram and had to get it with some bubble tea at Bubble Maineia. It was so good and spicy!

It was nice to get out and check out some places I hadn’t been before.

Oh Crepe!

I realized I haven’t really had crepes before and kept seeing them mentioned on Instagram from a place called Cafe Crepe. They have two locations in Portland and Freeport. I visited the Freeport location for lunch and got myself a Tom Jack Crepe. I liked that they had savory and sweet choices. The one I got was spicy and filling. I will have to go back to try something from the sweet menu. I thought it was cool to see the crepe made right in front of you.


I can’t wait for Spring. But alas that won’t be happening for awhile. So to pass time while I wait, I will continue wandering trying new things.

Today I went to Omi’s coffee shop that moved to South Portland. They have yummy homemade poptarts! I wish I had ventured upstairs to check out the seating upstairs.

I went back to Portland and checked out Flea for All on Congress Street that sells antiques and unique finds. I feel like most of the places I’ve been going to have all moved location and I’m checking out the place again like it’s new to me. I liked looking at all the cool things.

The highlight of my day was visiting the Portland Museum of Art. They had an art in bloom series where local florist did arrangements based on artwork. I thought it was cool to see and something free to do on a Friday. I realized I hadn’t been in awhile and was fun to check out all four floors. On the fourth floor there were wood carvings done by Bernard Langlais, an artist from Maine. I’ve always admired his work so that was a treat to see.


I finally got try snowshoeing! I broke my left foot and it’s finally healed so I got to try out my new snowshoes. I probably looked fun walking around my yard but I didn’t care. I was following the deer tracks on my property.