Today I went to Portland to get my hair cut and at 1pm was clueless where to go. I tend to be indecisive and probably need one of those spinner things or roll a dice to help me decide from my list of places to check out. Today I decided on OhNo Cafe and got myself a grilled shrimp BLT and pasta salad. I wasn’t disappointed on serving size or taste. It was delicious and I’d probably go again to try one of their breakfast sandwiches. I worked off my lunch with a walk around Mackworth Island which was quite a workout with the snow covered trails.


Wandering in Portland

Despite the cold I went to Portland today to check out places I’ve never been. I like to explore and try new places. Maybe it will become a favorite.

My first stop was at Little Woodfords on Forest Avenue. The avocado toast was delicious.

Belleville on North Street offers pizza and croissants. I tried the spinach and artichoke. I will have to go back to try one of their croissants.

After some walking around I went to the Portland Public Market to get a chicken arepa that I enjoyed at home from Maiz.

Before I drove home I made a quick stop at Two Fat Cats Bakery and grabbed myself a treat. I was happy I got to cross off a few places off my list of places to check out.


Tonight I was craving biscuits. I found an easy recipe from Pinterest and mixed up ingredients in my mixer. I have a handmade wooden biscuit cutter that I was happy to finally use. I tend to hoard pretty things but trying to break that habit. I’m happy with how the biscuits came out.

I found the recipe here from Smitten Kitchen for the biscuits. I got the biscuit cutter from Biscuits and Company in Biddeford, Maine.