Hiking Wolfe’s Neck State Park

I’ve been nervous about hiking after breaking my foot but I invested in good hiking shoes to prevent future injuries. Today despite the snow I went to Wolfe’s Neck State Park in Freeport, Maine. It’s a nice large park though it was harder to decipher the trails due to the snow cover. I had fun though and didn’t fall once. I have a park pass for the state parks so I will definitely be back to this one again to explore more.



I had plans to check out an exhibit on Monday but oops winter hours it wasn’t open. Oh well. Next time. Instead I decided to get some walking in and check out a few places I’ve never been. It’s like I’m looking for my favorites and conquering my fear of new places.

My first stop was at Slab. I heard they had good pizza and yes it was delicious. The sauce wasn’t heavy and the dough was chewy. They even had blue cheese to dip it in. I tend to be a ranch fan but that was good. It was interesting to see the space where the Portland public market used to be years ago. I’d like to go back to Slab and try the muffuletta sandwich.

I took a walk after pizza time and got myself a cold brew from Arabica Coffee Co. I’ve probably walked by this a million times but have never stopped in. The coffee was good and the place looked like a nice place to chill.

After walking around Portland I went to Tony’s Donut Shop. I feel like there are too many places I’ve passed by that I have never stopped at. I got the chocolate glazed. It tasted good like it was freshly baked and I was surprised at the selection available in the afternoon like they bake extra to meet demand. If you are craving donuts it would be a good place to stop to get your fill.

I decided to walk off my donut at Mackworth Island in Falmouth. It’s one my favorite loop trails. I was so happy the snow had melted off the trail. Despite the wind it was a good walk listening to the Ologies podcast.


Today I went to Portland to get my hair cut and at 1pm was clueless where to go. I tend to be indecisive and probably need one of those spinner things or roll a dice to help me decide from my list of places to check out. Today I decided on OhNo Cafe and got myself a grilled shrimp BLT and pasta salad. I wasn’t disappointed on serving size or taste. It was delicious and I’d probably go again to try one of their breakfast sandwiches. I worked off my lunch with a walk around Mackworth Island which was quite a workout with the snow covered trails.


Today I ventured outside for a walk at Mackworth Island. Thankfully I wore stabilizers on my shoes because majority of the trail along the shoreline was still iced over. The last thing I need is breaking my foot again. It was nice to be outside despite the cold. I listened to the Ologies podcast which was entertaining.