Today I went to Portland to get my hair cut and at 1pm was clueless where to go. I tend to be indecisive and probably need one of those spinner things or roll a dice to help me decide from my list of places to check out. Today I decided on OhNo Cafe and got myself a grilled shrimp BLT and pasta salad. I wasn’t disappointed on serving size or taste. It was delicious and I’d probably go again to try one of their breakfast sandwiches. I worked off my lunch with a walk around Mackworth Island which was quite a workout with the snow covered trails.



Today I ventured outside for a walk at Mackworth Island. Thankfully I wore stabilizers on my shoes because majority of the trail along the shoreline was still iced over. The last thing I need is breaking my foot again. It was nice to be outside despite the cold. I listened to the Ologies podcast which was entertaining.