El Corazon

I recently got to have dinner with friends at El Corazon in Portland, Maine. They serve Mexican food. We all got the sun devil platters to try a bunch of different things. I liked the fish taco and would like to go back to try more off their menu. My friend that used to live in New Mexico was a big fan of their food.


Today my plans didn’t end as planned so I decided to stop by Lazzari in Portland. It’s a nice place where you can grab a drink. I tried the pancetta and Brussels sprouts pizza. Honestly it was okay though pricey. I felt like the place is more of a bar than a pizzeria.

Food truck lunch

I finally had time to check out Thainy Boda on the Western Promenade in Portland, Maine. It had been on my list for a while and I am glad I could find a parking spot and check it out. I didn’t see the ramen dish listed but I did try the fried rice ball and the fried chicken sandwich. I was not disappointed. I liked the fried rice ball as a snack and I went home to escape the heat. Once home I enjoyed the chicken sandwich which they put an awesome slaw on it. I wonder if they sell just that. I love the fact that Portland has food trucks to enjoy all sorts of foods.


I went bowling with family and we went and got ice cream after. I decided to check out Martel’s that is across the street from Funtown. I tried the mint Oreo and peanut butter. Yum! More ice cream than I expected but so very good.

A real Italian

Recently I was craving something different and found a parking spot outside of A&C Grocery in Portland and wanted to check it out. It’s a nice shop to grab some groceries and get some lunch to go. I grabbed a “real” Italian sandwich for lunch with chips and enjoyed it outside at home. I thought it was a good sandwich and was nice to see how fresh the ingredients were.

Lil’s Cafe

After my hike I went to Kittery to grab some food before heading back home. I stopped at Lil’s Cafe. I got the pesto mozzarella with tomato on the olive sourdough. Very good and filling! I had wanted to try one of their donuts too. It was light with a good sugar coating. I thought it was interesting how they sell reusable straws to prevent waste and do recycling and composting when you throw out your trash. I need to remember to bring one of my reusable straws with me.


Today after two hours of yard work and a shower I wanted something good and yummy. I found that at Mami in Portland. This place has been on my list for awhile. I found parking right out front so no excuses not to go. I got the big Mami burger which has a bun made with squid ink. I really liked how they seasoned the meat and it was really tasty. The bun didn’t have any fishy taste in case you were wondering. I got the cucumber salad with it which was a veggie to get to balance out the meal with it’s cool and tangy taste. I liked the seating and would like to go back to try more from the menu. It’s cool to see how this place has expanded from a food truck.

After my meal with time left on the meter I walked down to Commercial to get some ice cream from Captain Sam’s. I had wanted to see what they offered. I tried the Tim’s Terrific treats peanut butter with peanut butter cups and Oreos. So good!