A new food truck started serving creemee, a soft serve treat from Vermont in Portland, Maine today. I love all things maple so had to check out Maine Maple Creemee Co. we tried the maple and blueberry in the waffle cones they make and would love to have it again. So good.

Food Truck

I was happy to finally get to try something from the food truck Fishin’ Ships. Mmm the High Thai’d fish with fries was so yummy. The fish melted in my mouth and the fries went well with the Thai mayo sauce. I’d love to try more off their menu.

Food truck lunch

I finally had time to check out Thainy Boda on the Western Promenade in Portland, Maine. It had been on my list for a while and I am glad I could find a parking spot and check it out. I didn’t see the ramen dish listed but I did try the fried rice ball and the fried chicken sandwich. I was not disappointed. I liked the fried rice ball as a snack and I went home to escape the heat. Once home I enjoyed the chicken sandwich which they put an awesome slaw on it. I wonder if they sell just that. I love the fact that Portland has food trucks to enjoy all sorts of foods.