Today I decided to check out Schulte & Herr, a German restaurant that had been recommended to me after I asked about it after driving by it. When I went in I took a seat and looked around. I noticed the paintings covering the walls and the music playing that was relaxing. The woman serving me was nice and prompt with providing me the menu. It was hard to decide what to get but I went with the the roasted bratwurst with the sauerkraut and potato salad. I felt like everything complimented each other in the meal with nothing overpowering. I felt like I had been let in on a secret finding this place and finally getting to check it out. I really liked the meal and would like to go back to try more from the menu. I love to try new food especially from different countries and this was a good experience.

Later on I took a short drive to get something sweet from Tin Pan Bakery. I had never been here before and they had lots of treats especially for Easter. I got myself a cream cheese brownie and the sugar cookie for later.



I drove around Portland on Monday trying to decide where to eat. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide. I realized I had no change to use for meters for parking and had to think where I can go that has parking for free. I decided to check out Noble Barbecue on Forest Avenue in Portland. I went when it wasn’t too busy and grabbed some lunch. I got the chopped pork sandwich with the mac n cheese side. I liked how they had toasted the roll and the chopped pork was good mixed with the slaw. The mac n cheese was al dente with a thick cheese sauce. I was so full I probably should have just taken part of it home as leftovers. I liked the home made pickles too that had some bite to them. The inside wasn’t large but there was a good amount of seating with nice decor. They have an interesting menu with more to try liked the smoked spaghetti squash and the option to buy meat by the pound.


Today I checked out a new restaurant that took over what used to be Sonny’s. Black Cow Burgers looks similar inside but the menu has changed. They feature burgers, fries, grilled cheese, fish sticks, fountain drinks and cocktails. I went with the cheeseburger with fries and the Brooklyn egg cream drink. The burger was a little messy but delicious. The fries were just right. I had been curious about egg cream drinks and was happy to find a way to try it locally. An egg cream drink doesn’t contain egg or cream. It’s made with milk, carbonated water and a flavored syrup.

Hiking Wolfe’s Neck State Park

I’ve been nervous about hiking after breaking my foot but I invested in good hiking shoes to prevent future injuries. Today despite the snow I went to Wolfe’s Neck State Park in Freeport, Maine. It’s a nice large park though it was harder to decipher the trails due to the snow cover. I had fun though and didn’t fall once. I have a park pass for the state parks so I will definitely be back to this one again to explore more.


Today I woke up with a stiff neck so I wasn’t up for much but I still wanted to get out of the house. I decided to travel to Westbrook today. My first stop was at Big Fin Poké, a Hawaiian style restaurant. It reminded me a little of Chipotle where you pick what you want for ingredients. I got the poké bowl with sushi rice, shrimp mixed with spicy aioli, corn and crispy wonton strips. I wasn’t sure what to go with but it did taste good.

I walked over to the new coffee and bookstore Quill Books and Beverage. It was a large space with a nice staff. The book selection was interesting and in categories to make it easy to find what you may like. I got a cold brew with a brownie. They have free WiFi and beer too. Seemed like a good hangout place and saw they will be offering board game nights.


Winter is still here. I was home for days and on my day off I feel like I need to leave the house.

Today I went to The Honey Paw for lunch that has been on my list of places to visit since I had heard of it. I went with the ramen which came out in a huge bowl. The broth was yummy and not too spicy. I wish I had eaten the egg first because it got very soft towards the end. The mix of ramen with corn and mushrooms was a good combination. I couldn’t leave without trying the soft serve. I got the caramelized honey with honeycombs and chocolate shell.

After lunch I went to the Maine Historical Society which I’ve never been inside before. I checked out the Maine Eats exhibit. I actually learned a few new things about my home state.

Before I went home I grabbed dinner at Bogusha’s Polish deli and restaurant in Portland on Stevens avenue. I got the polish platter to go to try a few things. It was like comfort food and delicious. The deli made me feel transported to Poland with the small town feel, polish news on the tv and unique groceries like kinder chocolate. The woman making my order had an accent and was pleasant. It’s highly likely I’d go try more off the menu.


I had plans to check out an exhibit on Monday but oops winter hours it wasn’t open. Oh well. Next time. Instead I decided to get some walking in and check out a few places I’ve never been. It’s like I’m looking for my favorites and conquering my fear of new places.

My first stop was at Slab. I heard they had good pizza and yes it was delicious. The sauce wasn’t heavy and the dough was chewy. They even had blue cheese to dip it in. I tend to be a ranch fan but that was good. It was interesting to see the space where the Portland public market used to be years ago. I’d like to go back to Slab and try the muffuletta sandwich.

I took a walk after pizza time and got myself a cold brew from Arabica Coffee Co. I’ve probably walked by this a million times but have never stopped in. The coffee was good and the place looked like a nice place to chill.

After walking around Portland I went to Tony’s Donut Shop. I feel like there are too many places I’ve passed by that I have never stopped at. I got the chocolate glazed. It tasted good like it was freshly baked and I was surprised at the selection available in the afternoon like they bake extra to meet demand. If you are craving donuts it would be a good place to stop to get your fill.

I decided to walk off my donut at Mackworth Island in Falmouth. It’s one my favorite loop trails. I was so happy the snow had melted off the trail. Despite the wind it was a good walk listening to the Ologies podcast.


Today was my day off and I actually was up early. Being up early meant I could go out and explore. My first stop was in South Portland at the Toast Bar by the Scratch Baking Co.

I tried the I love Toast which is a spinach and artichoke heart bake. So yummy. The place is cute inside and I would check it out again to try more.

After that I was close by another place on my list so I decided to go over to Cape Elizabeth to stop by The Cookie Jar. The donuts looked amazing. Everything in the display cases looked good. I tried the Boston cream.

At lunchtime I went to Portland to grab sometime to eat when I got home. I had seen the spicy ramen on instagram and had to get it with some bubble tea at Bubble Maineia. It was so good and spicy!

It was nice to get out and check out some places I hadn’t been before.