Today I ventured outside for a walk at Mackworth Island. Thankfully I wore stabilizers on my shoes because majority of the trail along the shoreline was still iced over. The last thing I need is breaking my foot again. It was nice to be outside despite the cold. I listened to the Ologies podcast which was entertaining.



I collect mugs. Usually it’s Starbucks mugs from places I’ve visited. I have a lot of them but wanted to display my favorites in the kitchen. I finally found something I liked from Target that doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s a marble base with beech wood. It’s like a stress relief to find a simple solution.


Tonight I was craving biscuits. I found an easy recipe from Pinterest and mixed up ingredients in my mixer. I have a handmade wooden biscuit cutter that I was happy to finally use. I tend to hoard pretty things but trying to break that habit. I’m happy with how the biscuits came out.

I found the recipe here from Smitten Kitchen for the biscuits. I got the biscuit cutter from Biscuits and Company in Biddeford, Maine.

National Park Goal

I’m hoping this year to work on my goal of visiting all of the National Parks. My location in the northeast isn’t the best so travel is necessary. Guess while I wait for my foot to heal and I can travel I’ll try to visit some more state parks in Maine and New Hampshire. I am hoping I can maybe visit Yosemite this year.

So far I’ve been to Acadia NP, Everglades NP, Grand Canyon NP, Bryce Canyon NP and Zion NP. I have a map of the parks and want to visit more.

Coffee time


Today I left the house despite the cold weather and got myself a cappuccino with Oatly oat milk from Sweden at Bard Coffee in Portland. I always like how pretty these drinks are. It was good so I’m sure I’ll be back soon.